Apple’s iPhone 8 wireless charging component manufactured by Lite-On Semiconductor

Lite-On Semiconductor, a Taiwan based company recently partnered with Apple to manufacture components for the next generation iPhone models.

A Chinese Publication named The Commercial Times, published a report saying, Lite-on Semiconductor is now a part of Apple Supply Chain. The Lite-On Semiconductor will manufacture bridge rectifiers. These rectifiers will be used to support fast wireless charging on iPhone 8. It will also work on reducing thermal issues in devices.

The report further said, Lite On Semiconductor will handle 50% supply of the bridge rectifier. The rest half will be manufactured by which company hasn’t been disclosed yet. The take of Lite On Semiconductor on the report was neutral. They commented, that the company doesn’t disclose about its customers or orders.

Though, their linkage to Apple hasn’t been official. The companies share hiked to NT $28.75. Also, after Energous, Lite On Semiconductor is the second company to be linked with Apple for long distance wireless charging of iPhone models. However, there is no news regarding the supply of rest 50% of bridge rectifiers.

Apple has been working with Energous, to allow the device to be charged from a distance or in the vicinity of the charger. Apple doesn’t want to use the current wireless charging technology, wherein you have to place the device on a charging mat. Since, during the time span of recharging, the device cannot be held in hand.

The Energous company has successfully demonstrated wireless charging technology through WattUp. WattUp transmitter can charge a device containing WattUp receiver from a distance of 15 feet. The CEO of Energous has been hinting about its relationship with Apple, and its debut in the upcoming iPhone 8. This remains a mystery whether Lite On semiconductor will be bundled with Energous technologies or not.

Apple is also focusing on changing the design of the new iPhone models. It will switch to an all glass case, to enhance long distance, wireless charging feature. As a metal case isn’t as effective as a glass case. Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner has started working on testing the iPhone 8 wireless charging capability.

Apple wants to use advanced technologies in the next generation iPhone to raise the bars of iPhone models on the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary. The iPhone 7 predecessor: iPhone 8, is rumored to have an OLED display, 3D Dual Lens Camera, Iris Scanner and VR/AR capability.

The iPhone 8 will be launched by the end of 2017. Along with two more iPhone models. Currently, Apple is testing 10 iPhone prototypes. It seems Apple is set to bring a massive change in smart phones. For now, we can look forward to the new iPhone models and features Apple has in store for them.



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