OLED Machine Shortage might affect Apple Inc.’s Plans For 2017 iPhone

There are endless rumors suggesting that OLED displays will be used in the much talked iPhone 8 ever since the announcement of its launch. This flexible OLED model of iPhone is supposed to be launched in 2017. The responsibility of making the machines which will be used for manufacturing the OLED displays for Apple is on Canon Tokki, a Japanese corporation. However, a study by Bloomberg suggests that there might be a shortage of these OLED-manufacturing machines at Canon Tokki.

Canon Tokki is the corporation that has been known to produce most of the machines used for making OLED. Known as ELVESS OLED, these machines are a 328-feet long vacuum production system. Through this machine, red, blue and green pixels are deposited on a glass surface by using evaporated organic materials. Canon Tokki has developed the key technologies for the manufacturing process. They have successfully reduced the margin of error to a minimum, and it has resulted in much higher yields than other companies.

Image Source – Mac Rumors

According to the report of Bloomberg, Canon Tokki makes a maximum of ten machines each year. Owing to the increasing demand they have a two year back log, and it might have an impact on Apple’s plans for iPhone 8. Moreover, rumors suggest that Apple is using OLED displays from Samsung and most of the equipment has already been delivered. The OLED displays have been used in Samsung smartphones for quite some time now. Bloomberg has also pointed out that due to low yield rates, Samsung might not be able to meet Apple’s demands for OLEDs.

Compared to LCD’s and Apple’s retina display, OLED display offers much better color contrast and saturation. They also provide increased power efficiency which provides better battery life compared to traditional displays. Since they can be made from flexible plastic, therefore they are cost-effective and have a very sleek look. A plastic display will also be a rescue from screen cracking, a common problem faced by users.

Rumors point to the fact that in 2017, Apple will be launching at least one model with OLED display. However, there are divided opinions about what the screen will look like. There are also rumors about the iPhone 8 sporting a curved OLED display that will be wrapped around the edges of the cell phone, as in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Another popular idea about the phone’s screen is that it will have a less dramatic, flat OLED display. An edge to edge design which eliminates all bezels is being expected.


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