Apple’s 2017 iPhone to feature curved, OLED display manufactured by Samsung

A report from The Korea Herald reported that Apple is working to introduce three new iPhone models in 2017. Out of these three, one of the iPhone models will have an Organic LED (OLED) display and others will be less radical models similar to their predecessor iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Another report from Business Korea reaffirms the above mentioned idea, which reports Samsung has invested a huge chunk of money (around 5.9 trillion won) in flexible OLEDs this year. And it will amount to 10.5 trillion won by the end of this year. There are also rumors that Samsung will be an exclusive supplier of OLED display screen for the Apple’s 2017 iPhone model.

OLED are thinner, lighter and flexible. In comparison with LEDs, OLED is brighter. OLED also consumes much less power and since OLED produce its own light, it has a large field of view. Despite all these perks which makes it appear as a perfect display technology, the major drawback is its manufacturing. Manufacturing of OLED display screens is very expensive right now. Also, the OLED display screens can be easily damaged by water.

According to Taiwan based supply chain makers, the current estimate of Samsung’s manufacturing is 20 million units per month. As per the supply chain sources, by 2019, the estimate will reach to 550 million units per month.

If the rumor is true, Apple will launch 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8 inch iPhone models in 2017. Out of which the iPhone model with 5.8 inch screen display will have a much clearer display, then previous iPhone models due to OLED display. Since, OLED doesn’t use a backlight the iPhone model will be energy efficient.

Also, the device will have an all glass casing, buttons are to be integrated into the screen, and will introduce wireless charging as well sensing technology in it. The wireless charger may or may not be bundled with the iPhone itself. However, it can charge the device within a range of 15 feet. The sensing technology will allow the device to respond, even if the user doesn’t touch on the main screen. The device will respond if any of the sides of the device is touched.

Apart from Foxconn and Pegatron, Wistron may become a partner as well with Apple for manufacturing 2017 iPhones. Though it has previously partnered with Apple to manufacture iPhone 5c and iPhone SE; it was left out during iPhone 7 manufacturing, now iPhone 8 will be in the further line too. However, this time it seems its once again going to partner for a new iPhone model.


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