Future version of iPhones to have Wireless Charging System made in Partnership with Broadcom

According to Harlun Sur, JPMorgan Analyst, future version of the iPhone may use a wireless charging system made in partnership with Broadcom.For the last two years, it has been reported various times that Apple and Broadcom have paired and started working on a wireless charging solution. Harlun Sur also stated that after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were recalled due to battery related caution, this feature may not be included in 2017 iPhones.

However, the iPhone 8 which is to be coming in the last quarter of 2017 is rumored to include wireless charging system. Till now, no other information has been known regarding the implementation of a wireless charging solution or whether Apple has started working by pairing with Broadcom.

The earlier rumors of Apple’s partner with Foxconn, Pegatron, MediaTek for a wireless charging system, and with Lite-on Semiconductor to supply components related to a wireless charging system, makes it difficult to determine the exact plans of Apple.

Harlen Sur research notes do give an edge to these rumors. As it points that future iPhones may come with a glass casing rather than a metal casing, to provide fast wireless charging.

Past rumors regarding the wireless charging did suggested Apple would opt for over the air, long range wireless charging solution. However, recent speculation suggests Apple may useĀ  an inductive charging solution, similar to the Apple watch style. In either way, Glass casing will be necessary for either charging solution. Apple has also joined a group named Wireless Power Consortium. This group works on the Qi wireless charging standard development. The standards have used in Samsung Galaxy devices.

Apart from the wireless charging rumors, Apple’s 2017 iPhone is rumored to have a major redesign, featuring a glass body, a curved, edge to edge OLED display. Apple also works on eliminating home button and Touch ID technology.

Along with these rumors, 2017 OLED iPhone is rumored to have a heavier price tag and will be considered as a high end premium model which cost upwards of $1000. Two other iPhone models of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch will also be launched in 2017 similar to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Though, analyst didn’t shed light on what kind of material will be used and whether these devices will feature wireless charging system.


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