Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features And Concept Design

Apple rivals are making their way to the sales top charts from past few months after the release of Samsung S8 and S8 Plus, which has been a huge talk in many countries and the sales chart are going crazy as the display is one of its kind. Meanwhile, Apple always releases their new edition in September or October, which is why everyone is waiting for the latest version of Apple iPhone.

On the top of that, the first iPhone released in the year of 2007 and it’s been over ten years since the first iPhone hit the market and they made history. The Apple has released iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

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iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Review

A lot of users are going crazy, and many of them are confused over the edition names. We are going to remove their doubts.

  1. This is iPhone 8

Image Credits – GSM Arena


2. This is iPhone 8 Plus (They both look similar, but the differences are in hardware)

3. iPhone X is their flagship smartphone (Designed to rule the market and Samsung S8 edition)

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iPhone X 

Let’s start things off with the iPhone X because Apple aim is to break the market records and keep the Samsung S-series at bay or that’s what Apple is having in their mind.

We are going to reveal if the iPhone X is worth your money or should you go for the iPhone 8 or Plus version, we will clear your doubts and the unveil the technology used in making the iPhone X.

Specifications Of iPhone X

Let’s first look at the hardware and how strong is it to run latest Apps and Games.

Processor: Apple A11 Bionic (They say this is the dominant Processor the iPhone ever had)

RAM: 3GB RAM (Samsung Note 8 has 6GB RAM, and OnePlus 5 has 6GB RAM)

Internal Storage: 64GB and 256GB variant. (Storage is not an issue on an iPhone)

OS: iOS 11 (Its upgradeable to iOS 13 or so)

Camera Front: 7MP

Camera Rear: 12MP Dual camera with Quad-LED.

Battery: Not specified (However, iPhone’s main issue are battery capacity)

Screen: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.

Screen Resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels (~458 PPI pixel density), which is “5.8 Inches.”

Here are the important specifications you need to know about the iPhone X. Let’s talk about the things, which iPhone is selling it and their selling points of the smartphone.

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iPhone X Screen

Yes, Apple is selling the smartphone not based on the Specs but the Screen and things you can do with this sort of screen. Along with addition with texting service.

Apple has jumped on the latest trend this early because of the market demand and competition. The bezel-less smartphone era has started, and the start is coming from the iPhone X.

After the Essential Phone has released, it looks good that the Apple is taking the Bezelled phones seriously. The iPhone X comes with 5.8 inches screen which is meant for those who like to operate the smartphone with one hand.

The iPhone X is completely a different smartphone when you compare it to the iPhone 7 because the screen is wider and fuller than the previous generation. The ironic part is that Samsung S8 and iPhone X screen resolution are the same. You will enjoy the iPhone X if you have not tasted the Samsung S8 bezel-less screen.

The screen is Rich, Smooth, Trendy, and the aspect ratio is similar to the S8, which means you will experience the same as S8.

However, the home button is no longer available because the screen has taken all space, which is why you now have to swipe up to unlock. It will take a lot of time for the iPhone users to adjust to the change. The screen resolution has been upgraded when compared to the previous generation iPhone 7, and you now have a resolution of 2436 x 1125 on the Retina HD display. The iPhone X has been upgraded to the point where it can match to the rivals and win against it

The screen is packed with more pixel count as now you can view the Apps, Videos, and Pictures in detail (better than before) and the web browsing will be better as well.

Unlike the previous generations had the LCD screen, which use to give us better view but the battery consumption is higher on that screen. The iPhone X comes with an OLED screen that is an upgrade, but we cannot tell whether the battery life has improved or not. The colours and the brightness are better than before.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been declared as the best display on the market but tables will turn as the iPhone X is bow using the same technology. We can’t tell much about it, but X model will have an impact on the market as well.

The overall mix of technology is great, and brings about a special-looking iPhone, rather than Apple rehashing the same tired design again.

Apple is making mistakes by launching weaker and same old design into the market because the loyal fans are always ready to purchase an iPhone. However, the Apple is falling a little by little every year, but there is hope now after the iPhone X release.

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Sensors & Front Camera Of iPhone X

It’s weird but The Essential smartphone and the iPhone X have a front camera in the same position, and the technology is remarkably similar.

All of the sensors are available in front along with the camera. The well-designed smartphone does not have any cons when it comes to Front camera and sensors.

However, it does come with Pros and Cons, which you need to know about it.

Con: The smartphone does not come with a fingerprint scanner that is kind of weird for a smartphone of this age, but at the same time I think it is good not to have such feature.

Pro: The smartphone comes with a front camera that has face recognition that reads your face to unlock, or you can even use the traditional method “Power button” for unlocking.

Con: The iPhone X is extremely expensive. For 64Gb variant, you have to pay $1000 (Taxes are not included. ) Just imagine for those who are non-USA resident, they have to pay over $1700 for 256Gb variant. It is insane that you have to pay over $1700 for a smartphone. The Samsung S8 and Note 8 are much better choice than iPhone X.

Con: The latest User Interface is a hassle for many old Apple users. You cannot use one hand to use the smartphone. The navigation has become complicated, and entire UI has been altered to give the smartphone a new look. The latest interface includes Gestures and Swipes that will take a lot of time for you to master.

Con: We have another con for those who like to add Applecare and Insurance for the iPhone X, the cost has changed drastically. You have to $199 for the whole package, but last year it was only $129, which is far lesser than the iPhone X charges.

Wireless Charging

Every iPhone in the past has lacked one feature, and that is improving battery life, which is an issue for an iPhone 7 as well. The battery drains incredibly faster when you are watching movies or videos on Youtube on high brightness, but the Apple has made the X model charge wireless.

The iPhone x launch day, they not have mentioned anything about the battery capacity, how you can charge the wireless, and more. The wireless charger, how long does that take to charge and other aspects. There is nothing new about it because Wireless charger has been in existence since 2012, which was launched in Nexus 4 but now Samsung is leading the wireless charging market.

Face ID

The ability to unlock just by looking at it, does this ring a bell to you? We are talking about the Touch ID, which has replaced with the Face ID. Its just matter of time whether it’s a hit or an another major-less by Apple.

Another bold move from Apple, it’s not like everyone is using it to unlock the smartphone. Not many people know, but you can unlock the face ID by the photograph of yours. It isn’t that difficult to unlock the smartphone by a photograph.

The Touch ID scans your finger and saves your touch id, in the same way, the face id will scan your face in different angles, hope it makes any sense. Apple has said that it is one of the safest ways to secure your smartphone.

  • The smartphone will not give you instant unlock in the first few unlocks.
  • However, after few days or few unlocks the face id will start to learn your facial movements and give you instant unlock even at a distance.

The smartphone will only unlock when you look at it. According to the Apple, the sensor will focus on your eyes, when you look at the screen it unlocks.

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Review

What do we have this year from the iPhone? The way I look at it, it’s the same old iPhone, which is packed with some latest specifications. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone 8.

Before we begin, let’s start things off with the specifications.

Specifications Of iPhone 8 

Let’s first look at the hardware and how strong is it to run latest Apps and Games.

Processor: Apple A11 Bionic (They say this is the dominant Processor the iPhone ever had)

RAM: 2GB RAM (Samsung Note 8 has 6GB RAM, and OnePlus 5 has 6GB RAM)

Internal Storage: 64GB and 256GB variant. (Storage is not an issue on an iPhone)

OS: iOS 11 (Its upgradeable to iOS 13 or so)

CPU: Apple Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral) and Apple GPU (three-core graphics).

Camera Front: 7MP

Camera Rear: 12MP Dual camera with Quad-LED.

Battery: 1821 mAh battery capacity

Screen: LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.

Screen Resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 PPI pixel density), which is “4.7 Inches.”

Without wasting any further time, we are going to cover that part why you should upgrade to iPhone 8 over iPhone 7.

What’s New?

Apple always claims that their latest version is the best from the Apple.

The true tone feature allows the camera to understand the surroundings colour and balance the brightness. Of course, not many people were able to test the product in the launch because of the surroundings were not changing.

The market is shining with the latest screen, but it’s hard to tell whether there is any difference in the iPhone 7 and eight-screen. Not only that, most of the part, we can tell that there is no improvement in the screen part.

Apart from the internal hardware improvements, the iPhone packs with an amazing video quality with 4k recording with 60FPS. The previous version you can only record 4k video in 30FPs, which is an improvement.

The iPhone 8 is Fast or Slow?

In the early benchmarks, we were able to see the difference in the iPhone 7 and iPhone X performance after the processor upgrade. The Apple A11 bionic chipset has proven to be the faster than their previous generation. The iPhone 8 has the same processor, which is clocked the same. The performance should be noticeable.

iPhone 8 and Plus version is new in the market and you will see the effects in the games and apps after few months of the official distribution or when the smartphone goes on sale. The GPU is upgraded so you won’t be able to see any glitches or any lags during the game even in the high-level setting.

The Portrait mode is enabled in the 8 and models, which is inspired from the X-model. We cannot say much about it until the comparison between 8 plus and X models are made.

Wireless charging

The smartphones are packed with the wireless chargers, which means you will now be able to experience the wireless charging on the smartphone, but you cannot expect much from it until we test it from out and after the release.

It’s a good thing Apple went with the Qi standard. The company is known for adopting proprietary standards, but that would have been a nonstarter for the iPhone 8, as Qi charging pads are already the norm in many airports and coffee shops. Not being able to charge in these places would have defeated the purpose of wireless charging.


Apple has been following the iPhone 6 design because it is unique and something that defines Apple brand. It seems like they do not want to make significant changes early so that the loyal users can digest the latest design slowly.

After looking at the smartphone 8 and 8 Plus, there isn’t much difference in the both smartphone. They both resemblance to the previous generation. The design has minor changes, but it isn’t going to make much of the differences.

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Everything goes down to is it even worth your money? The way we look at it, I don’t see much of the differences in upgrading to the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. iPhone X is indeed an amazing smartphone, but the price of the 256GB (including taxes) can get you two Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone It’s not worth your money.

However, if you are an Apple user and want to experience the latest technology then iPhone X is the better choice but avoid iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because the both handsets are not the future.

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  1. A 1200 to 1600 price tag is too much for average user. I can’t see the internal or physical changes being made that justify these huge price increases..this may be the point of diminishing returns for Apple

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