Apple iPhone 8 Curved Display and New Touch-Sensitive Technology

As per the report published on Sunday December 18, 2016 the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 equipped with high-end OLED display will make use of a curved display incorporated in it instead of a flat panel provided in other iPhone  versions and can employ a new feature incorporated with touch-sensitive technology.
Numerous sources have appealed that Apple is about to launch iPhone 8 having 5.5-inch display which would be the “premium” version of its iPhone of year 2017 as compared to other new models. This new version is expected to have traditional LCD displays, but the report emphasizes on planning of Apple to make use of curved screen for display instead of flat as observed in Galaxy S7 of Samsung , as the Galaxy S7 is mentioned as the best smartphone possessing best smartphone display compared to its competitors in market.

“The OLED version incorporated in the upcoming new iphone8 will be curved because Apple has placed order for purchasing all plastic OLED and not glass from Samsung Display. Samsung is competent of delivering around 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple Company,” a source acquainted with the matter told The Korea Herald.
There were previous buzzes regarding goal of Apple to launch multiple iPhone models but these buzzes have been gritty by a suggestion. The suggestion notifies that Apple could delay acceptance of OLED technology completely because of the restraints made in supply. Actually Samsung is the exclusive supplier of OLED displays in year 2017, along with companies like LG and Sharp appointed to rise up the production in year 2018. However, the latest reports suggest that restricted supply may actually create difference in upcoming 10th anniversary of iPhone in next year.
As per the Herald, the capacity of Samsung’s curved OLED for is assessed at approximately 70 million to 100 million units. This estimation is in line with the previous estimates, but it has shown to be around less than half of Apple’s yearly sales of the different series of iPhone, which positions at approximately 200 million units per year.
The source of paper indicates a condition that coming year’s iPhone would not be foldable, but with a purpose to make it different than Samsung’s phones it could demonstrate the novel sensing technology. This sensing technology allows the phone to react when users touch any side of the iPhone 8. There are no additional details imminent, but the source suggests that Apple may eventually select not to assume the technology.
There are few additional rumours which indicates that Apple’s foremost iPhone redesign could comprise a glass body and facility of wireless charging, absence of physical home button, an edge-to-edge, bezel-free display along with embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor and camera. LCD and OLED screens might not aspect excessively different, but the benefits of OLEDs are numerous, with improved colour reproduction and better contrast incorporated in Apple’s iPhone 8.


As OLED displays do not require a backlight, it possesses one less layer to fit into the iPhone’s previously tightly packed design. This implies that Apple could make the iPhone 8 slimmer and lighter as compared to its other versions.

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