Apple iPhone 7 International Giveaway !

Hey, It’s good to see you here! We are organizing an International giveaway of iPhone 7 to our loyal audience. There are some simple steps in order to enter in the giveaway and if you wanna win iPhone 7 just follow these simple steps. Winner of this giveaway would be announced on November 28 2016 at 9 AM ET (Eastern Time) . So bookmark our site and visit again to check if you have just got your new iPhone 7. Follow these simple steps to enter the giveaway.

Step 1 :- Enter your email in the box provided below. ( We need that in order to contact you if you have won )

Like Seriously ? You were thinking that we are going to spam your mailbox ? ¬†Well that’s not the case you will have to believe us because we are giving a damm iPhone 7 for free.

[ssm_form id=’262′]
Step 2 :- Download the App from the link provided here or just click the download button below. ( We will be updating the link in a while )

Link  РClick Here To Download The APP ( In order to enter in the giveaway )

You must be thinking by this step that is a scam for sure but we need to make our sponsors happy so they organize more of these giveaways frequently. Well you have just to download the app and open it and if you like it continue using that.

If some naughty ideas already have started to coming in your mind then drop them now! We have got a damm tracker working on the above link of downloading the app if you don’t download the app your entry won’t be counted in the giveaway. (Hahahahaha yes we are fuc****** monsters )

Step 3 :- That’s It ! Nothing left to do now just sit back and check for the winners on 28th November 2016

In case of any question or queries you can email us at [email protected]

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