Apple To Get supplies of OLED screens through China’s BOE Technology Group

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple is considering China’s BOE Technology group for the supply of OLED screens for 2018 iPhone models. Apple is looking for other sources of OLED supplies to have a smooth transition of next generation iPhone models from LCD display to OLED display.

Bloomberg further reported, in the last couple of months Apple has conducted various test on BOE OLED display, but hasn’t confirmed whether BOE Technology Group will become a supplier or not.

BOE Technology Group is one of China’s largest display makers. Earlier this year, BOE Technology Group even spent $14.5 billion on two AMOLEd factories. However, it’s too early for BOE to contribute a display for OLED based iPhone models to be launched in 2017, most likely to be iPhone 8. However, BOE technology can contribute in iPhone model lineup for 2018.

If Apple and BOE make a deal, BOE will be the first Chinese manufacture to supply an OLED display to Apple apart from South Korea and Japan manufacturers. In November, it was reported that Apple’s demand of OLED supply cannot be sufficied by Samsung, LG, Sharp and Japan Display for 2017 iPhones. It was also considered that the shortage of supply is the cause behind introducing only one OLED based iPhone in 2017 and the rest iPhone models will feature LCD display.

BOE will open its new factories this summer and plans to open another factory later. BOE also said, they can produce 1.6 million square meters of flexible glass substrates in a month, while working up to their full capacity. These glass substrates are used to produce displays.

Samsung company is exclusively producing OLED display for iPhone 8 in 2017.


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